Guangdong province Jiexi county xinxing Electric cable and Electric wire limited company, It is a professional manufacturer of electric cable and electric wire with considerable scale. The equipment is advanced, technical force are rich, have relatively strong production capacity in the company. 

Company have the complete tester that complete set, seting up the intact production process monitor controlling system, Implementing the overall systematic quality to appraise by the products with the perfect management means, carry out the national standard(GB) and mechanical standard(JB), The products pass the safety certification of Chinese electrician's committee, The responsibility of product quality is accepted insurance by People's Insurance Company of China. 

For many years, the products have sold well in all parts of the country, had high popularity on the market, gain the favorable comments of the masses of users with good prestige, Win" eligibility certificate of quality of the interconnected system" by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, It is the goods that" Consumers Council" recommended. The products has a lot honor by the province, city Quality technical supervision department, such as "eligibility examine", "Trustworthy Quality", "quality follow qualified", "the enterprise that trustworthy in Quality of product for five year in succession", etc. Make the xinxing brand electric cable and electric wires acknowledged generally for the products of" trustworthy famous brand". Our company win the "observing contracts and keeping promise unit" year after year, It is "key industrial enterprise" by local government and is that "the brand-name and high-quality enterprise of product quality of Jieyang records" to enters and weaves the enterprise. 

The company products are complete in specifications, many kind of polyvinyl chlorid electric cable electric wire such as BV、BVR、BVV、BVVB、BLV、RVS、RVV ect, and many kind of latex Insulating flexible electric cable. 

The new developing enterprise regards uniting, realistic, make unceasing progress as enterprising spirit, Regard the seeking survival with quality, seeking development in prestige as the enterprise aim, has stood together through thick and thin with the masses of old and new customers over the past 20 years, there is the past starting an undertaking, There is rich today. There will be more brilliant tomorrow too.

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